The process of closing out the affairs of a loved one after they pass is never easy. There are forms to fill out and file, notices to provide to heirs and creditors, property to divide and then transfer to heirs, and credit claims to handle. All of this can easily be overwhelming when you are already grieving your loss.

Patat Law Firm is here to lift these burdens off you so you can focus on adapting to life after loss without worrying about probate court. We can represent the personal representative (aka executor) and handle the entire estate or only jump in if you have questions or problems with certain parts of the probate process. We are also here to advise you with questions or issues about your rights and how the estate is being managed if you are an heir other than the personal representative.

If you recently lost a family member or friend, you do not have to go through the probate process alone. Patat Law Firm is here for you.